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Converse X NBA Chuck 70 Boston Celtics Franchise High Top Shoes Mens Green 3844E484


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CHUCK 70 PAYS TRIBUTE TO YOUR HOMETOWN TEAM◆Screen-printed with leprechauns and clovers
◆Covered in Celtics' colors
◆Chuck silhouette that dominated most of basketball history
◆Chuck 70 is the most premium expression of basketball's most legendary shoe
Converse NBA CollectionWe Love Basketball. It's been a complicated relationship. Converse and basketball have loved each other in different ways over the years.but we've never been able to leave each other alone. We don't make shoes for playing the game anymore.but we do make stuff for loving our favorite sport. Thanks.Converse.
Chuck 70 OriginsBy 1970.the Chuck had evolved to become the pinnacle of function and utility for sport.and was considered the best basketball sneaker ever. The Chuck 70 is built off of the original 1970s design.with premium materials and an extraordinary attention to detail. A shoe so rooted in tradition that it has its own instant history. That's the Chuck 70. It's not a shoe. It's the shoe.

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